5 minutes with Little Jack Horner's James Hughes Davies - 2018 Taste of Mendip & 2016 Small Business of the Year winner






What is your position?

"Managing Director"

What do you do?

"Run the business - I do a lot of the paperwork and organise and work the events and shows. I'm still allowed in the kitchen to help out from time to time!"


How long have you worked there?

"I started the business in 2010"


In a nutshell, what does your business do?

"We make sausage rolls. That's it. However, we strive to make the best sausage rolls we can. We make our own pastry and the pork and chicken come from amazing properly free-range, high welfare small farms and smallholdings in East Somerset. We wholesale nationwide, and run events and shows."


How did you feel when you found out that you’d won the Mendip Small Business of the Year award? 

"It was great! Being recognised in your local community for doing something well hit me more than I expected. I've never been focused on awards before but having that pat on the back was quietly satisfying and we are all very appreciative."


What’s been the best thing about winning your award?

"Being able to go back to the team and tell them that you've achieved that."


What impact has winning had on the business?

"Our wholesale customers have increased so I'm sure the award has something to do with it!"


How long did it take you to enter the awards?

"I think I did it online - 30mins or so? Not long."


Would you recommend entering the awards?

"Why not? It's about local recognition. Being acknowledged by your community gives you a boost - it reinforces the your conviction that what you are doing is important."


Do you have any advice for anyone considering entering the awards?

"Back yourself and give it a shot!"